Hi, I'm Caitlin!

I'm a wedding day storyteller.

I cannot wait to hear about your wedding day!


For the past five years of my life, I have photographed people.

I am a photographer with a diploma in film and television, and most importantly - a friend (and/or third wheel) to tell you what's up on your big day.

I began my photography journey with a love for fashion, portraits and travel before finding my biggest passion of them all - weddings.  I contracted to another company as a wedding photographer prior to going out on my own.

Wedding photography for me is such a celebration of love, connection, and creativity.

I know some of you would rather go to the dentist than be photographed but let me tell you something that will change everything for you...


There’s no such thing as being photogenic and it’s not your job to look “good” in front of the camera, but to enjoy every single moment of your wedding day.

I will be there to capture all those moments for you and create memories that will outlive us and will become priceless treasures for yourself and the generations to come.


Think we will click?